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URG Membership Information
If your organization is ready to take the next step and join one of the premier program groups in the recycled auto parts industry, please take a moment to view some of the information below

URG online application
Is your organization ready to join the United Recyclers Group now? Click below to submit a quick and easy online application.

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Premium Recycled Parts
Several years ago the United Recyclers Group was formed by over 300 of the most progressive recyclers in the country. The objective of the group was to improve their businesses by sharing resources. The Premium Recycled Parts program grew out of the realization that the URG philosophy of sharing resources could make a huge improvement in the way members could serve their customers.

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URG’s complete e-commerce and sales support system provides customizable functionalities to work for retail, wholesale and insurance customers, it maximizes your sales staff efficiency by minimizing time spent sorting requests, and much more.

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Accreditation Program
The URG Accreditation Program was influenced by an internationally recognized set of quality management standards (ISO 9000) that require both internal and external assessment. Secondly, it identified industry best management practices for the automotive recycling and applied these to the outline of the quality management standards. Thus producing a uniform set of standards.

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Our exclusive system features easy to use and informative sales screens, a built-in P.O. system, warranty pricing right on the screen, shorter codes and multi-part lookups. It’s so easy, Pinnacle will actually shorten the training time for new employees.

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Buying Co-op
Are you buried in work, and busy as a bee? Don’t let that stop you from taking advantage of your URG Co-op Benefits. Let your Co-op Representative put the URG Co-op to the test.

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Training Videos
From selling skills to shipment prep, this series of videos helps URG members hone their skills and increase their profits.

Training Videos

Partner Education
As partners, we need to be “reading off the same sheet.” This video series allows us to introduce ideas with real people from our industry.

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