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URG Accreditation Programs - URG8000 - Download URG 8000 in .PDF format

URG 8000 accreditation is available to all URG partners that submit documentation of the following management practices. URG 6000 and 7000 accreditation’s are required before any other level of accreditation can be issued.

All accreditation requirements reference the ISO 9000 standard and sub standard. Remember that samples and examples for each required standard are found in the attached material.

All completed forms should be mailed to
Robert Counts
Counts Consulting
3715 Aspendale Cove
Austin, Texas 78727

• Quality System
• Coast to Coast Warranty
• Premium Parts
• Process Control
• Quality Assurance – Job Descriptions
• Corrective and Preventive Action
• Preventive Action Declaration
• Control of Quality Records
• Designated Location of Customer Records
• Internal Quality Audits
• Quality Assurance Audit Form
• Training
• Employee Training Record
• Performance Measures
• Customer Satisfaction Index
• Employee Accreditation and Training

Quality System - 4.2

The quality control program is a formally documented system of planned activities established to provide the evidence of compliance to the requirements of best management practices, applicable codes and regulations, and safety issues. All these activities are governed by procedures and written instructions supported with records of training and satisfactory compliance of processes.

Submit a copy of URG Coast to Coast Declaration Form that states your commitment and support of this warranty program –

Submit a copy of URG Premium Parts Program Declaration Form –
Process Control – 4.9

This requires you to document that you have established procedures for each employee to do their job. It is the intent of this section to properly identify the operating instructions needed to conform to our customers’ requirements. We have developed procedures for each step of our operation from the decision to buy cars, to the provision of warranty services purchased by our customers.

Provide a copy of Job Descriptions for all employees that affect quality - 4.9.3
Corrective and Preventive Action - 4.14
Your Quality System should have in place processes for taking corrective action on any customer complaint, procedural failure or anything discovered during audits of procedures.

Submit copy of your preventive action declaration – 4.14.3
Control of Quality Records – 4.16
Your automated inventory system should capture all sales. Records of these sales should be maintained for at least one-year after the date of the warranty.

Submit the name of the location where you keep all automated records related to customer sales – 4.16.1

Internal Quality Audits – 4.17

Audits of the quality process compare actual findings to the documented procedures. These audits are done of all areas of the Quality Assurance Process. These audits will occur at least annually or at any time management so determines. Findings from these audits will be recorded, nonconformity identified and a plan of correction written and reported to management.

Submit evidence that you conduct audits of your Quality Assurance Process - 4.17.1

Training – 4.18

All employees who affect quality should receive training designed to help them perform their responsibilities to the best of their abilities. You should have established procedures for the training of personnel that involves job specific duties and responsibilities. As duties or responsibilities change personnel are trained or retrained and are observed performing their new duties or responsibilities. Records of the training are to be retained for each employee and reviewed annually.

Submit a copy of your training record form 4.18.2

Performance Measures – 4.20

Company’s need to set performance goals that provide information as the effectiveness of their quality processes. The data needed to report on these performance measures must be available from the company’s records. These performance measures are based on a company’s historical performance and/or from the establishment of industry standards. These performance measures are to be calculated at least quarterly.

Submit documentation that you have an independent agent who conducts customer satisfaction surveys on your behalf - 4.20.14

Submit evidence that your employees are trained in the skills needed to perform their responsibilities at a professional level as determined by the URG Quality training tape series, seminars, written test, or on the job training – 4.20.15

Remember that we will provide you assistance in completing the URG accreditation at your location or by phone (512 339 7671), fax (512 821 3888) or by email rcounts@wans.net. Check out our new website at www.counts-consults.com for questions regarding accreditation, information about your interchange system, training for sales persons and quality managers, procedures, job descriptions and many other items and issues to those in the automotive recycling industry.

To view program details, please select the URG Accreditation level below:



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